Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mini Paper Bag Album

E-gags! I haven't been able to post since last Wednesday! I've been busy as a bumble bee, but I wanted to share a mini album I created some time ago combining my scrapbooking and some of my hair styles. In some of the pics I created tags with the photos so you will see part of them inserted where I've either made pockets or where the actual bag opens up at the end.
New project coming soon! Thanks for looking!!



  1. Love your play on words! awesome little mini!

  2. What an awesome album! Love all the hairstyles! Don't you just love making these mini albums. I am so addicted to them!

  3. Thanks ladies! Becky, after I made this one, I went back to the store and bought almost every pack of bags they had! LOL


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