Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tut to come!

Good morning everyone! I've been busy as a bumble bee! In the middle of re-arranging my scrap room around today and will be up later on with....drum roll please......another tutorial!!!! Yaaaayyyyy! LOL
In the Altered Binder Clip tutorial, I made mention of this lovely mini album/card I received from my friend Debby. I will be creating that today in my tutorial, hopefully it will be up when I finish my scrap room alteration! :) Meet you back here later on! 


  1. i will come back later to check it out!! headin to a scrappy sale! yay!

  2. Oh o....that room must taken more time than you thought, lol. I'll be back by tomorrow to check out that tutorial!! Take care :D

  3. It sure did Norma...and then on top of that my youngest daughter had my laptop when I finished and I would've felt bad making her get off. But it's uploading now and I will have it posted before I go to work this morning! Thanks ladies! :)


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